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Halifax Regional Municipality

The Review provided the Municipality, the Board of Halifax Police Commissioners, the Halifax Regional Police, and the Halifax District of the RCMP with a clear evaluation and recommendations to create service effectiveness and efficiencies, address resourcing constraints and opportunities, identify and close service gaps, identify new equipment and technology to enhance service delivery, and to outline areas where there is potential for savings or cost avoidance, while engaging all levels of the service in the change process.

Waterloo Regional Police Service

Developed and assisted in the implementation of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program, including: a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan for 2019 – 2021; a three-year critical path framework for a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion; a critical path for the strategic, sustainable, and cost-effective leveraging of the benefits of diversity; and a Strategic Recruitment Plan to ensure the WRPS attracts the best candidates taking into account the complex demands of policing and the increasingly competitive employment marketplace.

Prince Edward Island Department of Justice and Public Safety

The Prince Edward Island Department of Justice and Public Safety commissioned the Crime Prevention and Policing Service Model Review. The Review provided recommendations with respect to crime prevention and policing strategies and recommendations regarding the most effective policing service model for the Island.

Halton Regional Police Service 

The development of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy and Implementation Plan which engaged all demographic components of the Region’s population; ensured the hiring and maintenance of a workforce that reflects that demographics of the Region; developed and promoted members so that the demographic of the leadership reflects that of the Region; ensured that all members have the ‘diversity competence’ to deliver effective policing in a diverse environment; and created a work environment where all members feel safe, secure, and supported.

Prince Edward Island Department of Justice and Public Safety

perivale + taylor conducted an Operational Review of the Investigation and Enforcement (Conservation Officers) Section. The recommendations addressed: legislation & regulations for appointments of Conservation Officers, the scope of authority, the adequacy and thoroughness of enforcement measures and procedures, file review, adequacy and appropriateness of program and officer oversight, and the adequacy and appropriateness of training both initial and ongoing in-service training

Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners

A third party operational review of the entire Saskatoon Police Service, inclusive of shared services, to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the current operational model, maximizing resources in the work of ensuring community safety.

District of Sechelt

The project linked the District’s strategic priorities and positioned the organization for the future. This was based upon an examination of the Municipality’s staffing costs and levels with a view to ensuring that the community was getting value for money. Recommendations included: changes to the organizational structure and reporting relationships; the qualifications, capacity and suitability of those occupying management positions; identifiable concerns regarding staff appointments through open, fair and competitive hiring practices; and ‘next steps’ in building organizational capacity and effectiveness.

Durham Regional Police Service

Created a diversity and inclusion vision statement; a three-year Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan that was incorporated into the Business Plan along with a Critical Path Framework for implementation; a three-year Strategic Recruitment Plan and a three-year recruitment work plan; and provided communications support in the various initiatives; a success indicators tool to support future evaluation; and provided a high-level analysis of internal engagement.

City of Yellowknife

An operational review of the Municipal Enforcement Division, Public Safety Department. The review evaluated the organizational structure and recommended the optimal effectiveness and efficiency of the operations of the division for the current and future needs of the city’s residents.

Government of Northwest Territories Justice Department

The Review established a base line establishment of the division’s personnel at this time and identified staffing utilization within the various programs and activities that the RCMP deliver within the NWT, and provided a cost benefit analysis of the personnel resources. The review examined models of service delivery which could achieve efficiencies while delivering high quality, responsive police services in the NWT.

City of Grande Prairie

Utilizing a risk management approach involving the identification, assessment, and ranking of current and projected risks, the Review prepared a comprehensive RCMP Strategic Plan incorporating: the projection of anticipated human resource requirements and criteria to initiate human resource adjustments, identified equipment required, and identified facility requirements for a one-to-twelve-year period.

Yukon Department of Justice

An independent review of the human resource requirements and utilization and function of all categories of employees and service delivery models of the Yukon territorial police service. The review provided a shared understanding between the Minister and the Commanding Officer of the expectations, functions, current human resource level and human resource utilization between the RCMP and Yukon Justice.

North Shore Municipalities and First Nations: North Vancouver, Squamish Nation, Tsleil Waututh Nation,West Vancouver

The Review examined the opportunity to establish a North Shore police service, under the British Columbia Police Act, providing policing services to the three municipalities and the First Nations communities.

Fraser Valley Regional District

The Core Service Review identified opportunities to streamline service delivery, achieve cost efficiencies, improve service delivery and effectiveness, reduce duplication, enhance services and facilitate service level monitoring and analysis.

City of Summerside

A review and evaluation of the organization and operation of the Summerside Police Service, including the mandate, evaluation of all sections, efficiency, technology, physical and financial resources, and training and qualification,.

City of Victoria

Working with the City in the development of a Proposal for the Provision of Police Services to the Township of Esquimalt.

City of Red Deer

A Crime Prevention and Policing Study and Policing Service Model Review evaluated statistics, community perceptions, crime prevention initiatives and policing services. The Review determined service level demands, the roles of various stakeholders, and recommendations for specific strategies in order to address crime prevention and policing issues.

City of Moncton

The Review provided sufficient information for the City of Moncton to consider the proper level, quality, and type of policing services required; including model options, and cost-benefit analyses of transitional and on-going costs.

Codiac Regional Police Authority

The Primary Objective of the review was to define the parameters of the CRPA (Board) as to their Authority, Responsibility and Accountability at all levels of Government; next to develop a Framework for Board Governance, including Structure and Policies which describes the relationship of the CRPA with the Police Service Provided; the relationship of the CRPA with the three Municipalities (Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe), Provincial and Federal Governments, and the RCMP; the roles and functions of the Executive and Committees; and, Board representation and structure.

City of Edmonton

The Review identified guidelines to differentiate between law enforcement activities and duties that should be performed by the Edmonton Police Services Police Officers (EPS Police) and the law enforcement activities and duties that could be performed by municipal Peace Officers / Community Service Officers (POs / CSOs). Based on those guidelines, the Review determined the best leadership, and administrative and management structure for the POs / CSOs that are not part of EPS and identified the appropriate performance expectations, qualifications, training and equipment to match the authority of the various POs / CSOs.

Chief Officer and Senior Management Selection

perivale + taylor has developed core competencies for senior managers, established phases of selection processes, trained committees in management selection, using behavioural descriptive interviewing techniques, and facilitated interviews and induction of selected personnel.

Halifax Regional Municipality

Policed by two agencies, the Halifax Regional Police and the Halifax RCMP District, the Regional authority required a review of management and operations in the HRM and the coordination of policing functions throughout the Region. The review led to revisions in geographical coverage, consolidation of select services, and changes in police management of the services.

Halifax Regional Municipality

Following findings of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, the Halifax Regional Police was required to conduct a review of all aspects of operations and administration, recruiting, selection and training. The Review’s recommendations would ensure that all aspects of the functioning of the Service was supportive of inclusion and diversity.

City of Richmond

The City required a comprehensive review of community security and safety services with a view to making recommendations to Council concerning the most appropriate agency of policing. Options included the continuation of the current RCMP service, a municipal police service, contracting with a contiguous police service or any combination of the options.

City of St. John

The review was precipitated by a period of management and union conflict and reduced effectiveness and efficiency in services. The Review comprised of a wholesale assessment of management, administration, and operations, and recommendations which would enhance service to the public and provide a revised governance structure.

City of Winnipeg

Following a double homicide in the city, the Council introduced a review of all aspects the WPS Communications functions with a view to recommending enhancements in technology, policies, procedures, staffing and training. perivale + taylor worked with the Audit function of the City in the conduct of the review.

Town of View Royal

The Review assessed the operations, administration, management, and governance of View Royal contracted policing and recommended the most appropriate model.

City of St. John

Anticipating the departure of the Chief of Police to assume a more senior government role, the City engaged perivale + taylor to develop and conduct a competency based selection process. The process incorporated broad outreach to ensure a range of skilled applicants and included the training of the Police Board (established by perivale + taylor in a previous project in St. John) in executive responsibility in policing and competency-based selection techniques. A new Chief of Police was selected and, after several years, was still in position and supported by the Board.