The perivale+taylor approach focuses on leading practices in the public sectors.  Specializing in community and public safety; organizational review and change management; human rights; and diversity, inclusion and equity.

Our team is experienced, insightful, and innovative.

We work quickly and collaboratively with clients to provide a professional, informed, objective, and thorough service, with minimal client disruption. Project knowledge remains with the client organisation.

The diverse experience and knowledge of the perivale+taylor team of associates includes:

  • change management
  • communications
  • community safety, policing and bylaw
  • workload data analyses
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • human rights
  • information and telecommunication system analyses and development
  • issue research
  • labour relations and human resources
  • municipal, regional, provincial, federal governance
  • planning and evaluation
  • program and organisational analyses
  • strategic analysis and planning

The proven success of perivale+taylor is in assembling the ideal team of our skilled and experienced associates to address the project needs of clients.